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Shihang (Vic) Li

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Hello there! I'm Vic, a first-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at University of Washington. I am a part of the UW Computer Systems Lab, advised by Simon Peter. Before UW, I've had the pleasure of working with Malte Schwarzkopf and Adam Belay as a member of the ETOS group at Brown.

These days, I'm thinking about how to design high-performing systems to best serve emerging datacenter computing trends. My latest work focuses on improving datacenter resource utilization with HW/SW co-design, resource disaggregation, and smart scheduling.

I studied Finance and CS as an undergraduate at NYU Stern School of Business, with a focus on high-performance quantitative trading.


Unleashing True Utility Computing with Quicksand
Zhenyuan Ruan, Shihang Li, Kaiyan Fan, Marcos K. Aguilera, Adam Belay, Seo Jin Park, Malte Schwarzkopf
The 19th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS '23)


I find teaching to a deeply rewarding experience. I have TAed for the following courses:

  • CSCI 0300: Fundamentals of Computer Systems @ Brown
  • CSCI 1760: Multiprocessor Synchronization @ Brown
  • STAT-GB.2308.10: Stochastic Processes @ NYU


In my spare time, I enjoy taking pictures, snowboarding, mildly spirited backroad driving, and a healthy dose of metaprogramming :)

Below are some images I took on my cross-country roadtrip from New York to Seattle. These are not shot in 1:1 ratio -- someday I'll figure out how to write CSS for a responsive image grid with support for various aspect ratios, someday...

Lately I have been shooting with prime lenses exclusively. Here're some 35mm shots: